Historic Landmarks in Eureka California

Old Indian Village of Sumeg

Located within Patrick’s Point State Park, the Sumeg village is a recreation of a Yurok village. The site features traditional style family houses, a sweat house, changing houses, a redwood canoe, and a dance house. The village was built by Yurok people using the traditional materials, but with modern tools.

Sumeg was a seasonal fishing camp for the local Yurok tribe, not a permanent village. It was located where Patrick’s Point State Park is presently, which is why the choice was made to call the reconstructed village Sumeg.

Fort Humboldt

This remote military post was established in 1853. It’s main purpose was to aide in conflict resolution between local natives, gold seekers after early settlers began flooding the region once gold was discovered in the northern mines. In its early years it once housed the famous Captain Ulysses S. Grant. It was formally abandoned in 1870, and only the hospital remains of the 14 original structures. 

Today it is a museum that tells the story of the Fort and of some of the local Native American tribes. The park also includes historic logging equipment, featuring two steam engines that are used during the annual “Donkey Days” event that is featured in the video above.

Carson Mansion

Within view from some of our rooms, and only a block away from our inn, you will find the famed and historic Carson Mansion. Originally constructed in 1884-1885 and designed by the famed Newsom brothers of San Francisco, the same brothers who designed the Murphy House that our large Victorian is a replica of. 

Since 1950 the mansion has operated as the Ingomar Club, a private members only club that features a fine dining restaurant, swimming pool, presentation hall and annual events.

Old Town Eureka

Within walking distance of our lovely inn, Old Town Eureka is full of Victorian architecture, boutique shops, restaurants and incredible works of art, all nestled between C st. and I st. from north to south, and 7th st. to 1st st. east to west. You will also find the Humboldt Aquatic Center on Waterfront Drive, and the dock where you board the Madaket at the foot of
C st.

Victorian Village of Ferndale

Oh the wonderment of small town country living. Home to where, “The Majestic”, was filmed this small Victorian Village is packed full of history. On the main street you will find unique shops, mom and pop restaurants and awe inspiring Victorian architecture. Ferndale is also home to the Humboldt County Fairgrounds which hosts a number of events year round, most notably our County Fair every year in August.

Town of Trinidad

Small town luxury on a pristine coastline, Trinidad is in a unique geographic location. With a small port bay of its own, bringing in a large quantity of local fish, as well as a handful restaurants, a gorgeous spit of beach, a historic lighthouse and a nice coastal loop hike that is only about a mile long, Trinidad can be a quick stop or an all day adventure.

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