Hiking in Redwood National Park

Redwood National park

Home to the legendary Fern Canyon and Lady Bird Johnson Grove, this massive park was established in 1968. Fern Canyon is well known for it’s seclusion and unique beauty that comes with that seclusion. There is a creek that runs through the canyon, so make sure to bring clothes that your willing to get a little wet in. 

Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a much easier hike and is a one-mile loop located just 2 miles off of the 101. With so many other hikes located within this park check out the NPS website for more details.

Trinidad Head Loop Trail

More of an ocean views hike than a Redwood hike, we couldn’t help but share this little gem with you. A great hike for those just looking for a short jaunt along the coast, this trail is a 1.4 mile loop that can be taken in either direction. On the eastern side of the trailhead you will find a paved service road with a gentle incline and modest views of the historic town and harbor. 

On the western side of the trailhead you will find a steeper gravel path that has some spectacular views of Redwood National Park and of the Ocean. Small spur trails offer secluded views with benches for resting and taking in the beauty that surrounds you.

Patrick's Point State Park

Located 30 miles north of Eureka, this 1 square mile park is packed full of adventures. Featuring cliff side hikes leading to lookout points like Wedding Rock, the Rim Trail Overlook, Patrick’s Point Overlook, and Rocky Point, that give you access to awe inspiring views of the coast, and during the right season you might even see some whales!  The park is also home to Agate Beach, as well as the Sumeg Village, and picnic areas.

Richardson Grove State Park

Established in 1922, it is known as one of the first Redwood parks in California. At its start the park was only 120 acres, but today the park has grown to 1,800 acres. With nine miles of trails, don’t miss the “racetrack” path, which is a gentle hiking path that will lead you to a chandelier tree with multiple trunks branching several feet above the ground. 

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Boasting some of the world’s most majestic Redwood groves, this park is spread across 53,000 acres with 17,000 acres of that being old growth Coastal Redwoods. Established in 1921 the park includes Rockefeller Forest and the entire Bull Creek watershed, creating an array of adventure possibilities with over 100 miles of hiking, biking and riding trails, and a 32 mile scenic drive through the Avenue of the Giants.

Sequoia Park Trails

Located within the city of Eureka, creating easy access to our guests looking for a quick taste of the Redwoods. Sequoia Park is a 67 acre grove that features walking and bicycle trails through the redwood forest. Within the park you will also find meadows, a duck pond and two small creeks. For those with kids, the park also includes two playgrounds, open turf grass, picnic tables and a group picnic area.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Soon to be featuring an elevated walkway among the “Grove of Titans” this park is located 83 miles north of Eureka near the town of Crescent City. The park is 10,000 acres and hosts a multitude of hiking trails, including Boy Scout Tree, Nickerson Ranch, Little Bald Hills, or Stout Grove trails, that can be accessed from Howland Hill Road.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Located 50 miles north of Eureka, this sprawling 14,000 acre park features 75 miles of hiking trails and a 19 mile cycling loop. This is also a great park if you have limited mobility, as it is home to the Redwood Access trail. From towering and majestic giant Redwoods, to open meadows where you might find some of the local Roosevelt Elk grazing, Prairie Creek is one nature sanctuary that you don’t want to miss!

Arcata Community Forest

Originally founded in 1955, this 793 acre property is located a mere 8 miles north in the city of Arcata. This park features multiple hiking trails, downhill mountain biking tracks, an 18 hole disc golf course, and a large playground located at the trailhead.

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