Best Beaches Near Eureka California

Punta Gorda Lighthouse

Located 56 miles south along the Lost Coast, the Punta Gorda lighthouse was first built in 1911, deactivated in 1951 and was designated as a world heritage site in 1976. It is roughly a 3 mile hike from the Mattole Trailhead along the beach. Make sure to check the tide charts before departing on this adventure.

Black Sands Beach

Located 87 miles south along the Lost Coast in the coastal town of Shelter Cove, Black Sands Beach is home to one of the most pristine beaches in the world with incredible views. A wonderful place to relax, free your mind and enjoy a peaceful day on the ocean.

Mattole River Beach

The gateway to the Lost Coast and home to the trailhead that leads to the Punta Gorda Lighthouse, you will find miles of open beaches. One of the coolest things about this beach is that it is home to a large Sea Lion population that you might see lounging on the beach. Be careful though and don’t get too close, they are stunning animals but best to be admired from a distance.

Table Bluff Beach

At Table Bluff County Park you can be assured that you will have plenty of space to let yourself, your kids, or your furry loved ones run free. Located roughly 15 miles south, this beach is one of the more secluded in the area. On some sunny days you might find an extreme sport junky jumping from the cliffside of the bluff to parasail along the coast, or a local surfer shredding the waves.

Samoa Beach

Just a hop skip and a jump across the bridge from our hotel, you will find approximately 10 miles of beaches with large sand dunes, coastal flora, and an array of different bird species. At the far south end of the peninsula you will find the North Jetty, home to one of our Coast Guard bases, as well as some cool 4×4 trails to cruise if you have the right vehicle for it.

There is also the Samoa Drag Strip that hosts races during the late spring and summer months. This is one of the most popular beaches due to it’s locale to Eureka.

Clam Beach

Located 17 miles north of Eureka, Clam Beach is named for the plentiful razor clams that can be dug for. The original home to the Humboldt Sand Sculpture festival, it is also highly revered as a top destination for equestrians, family picnics, and a great place to let your dog off leash to run free among the surf.

Agate Beach

Looking to go on an adventure and find a natural keepsake to take home with you? Well journey up to Agate Beach, located roughly 30 miles north of Eureka within the Patrick’s Point State Park. Just a short hike down from the parking lot, you will find a stretch of beach sprawling with agates. Take one home for a keepsake, or maybe bring it to a local bead shop and make a necklace, or other trinket out of it!

College Cove

This little secluded slice of paradise is located off of Stagecoach Rd. in Trinidad, CA 23 miles north of Eureka. With one trail leading to a bluff with views, and another leading down to the beach where many college kids go to escape their studies, this spot tends to be very peaceful and is a great place for a short hike with plenty of photo opportunities or to just relax on the beach.

Moonstone Beach

Just a few miles south of Trinidad along the coastal road of Scenic Dr. you will find this highly sought after beach for some tide pool fun! Check the tide charts, and during low tide you can adventure into the pools and view starfish, sea urchins, anemones and other ocean life. It’s a great time for adults and kids alike.

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