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Kinetic Grand Championship

Humboldt County is home to the Kinetic Grand Championship, a 3-day race along California’s Redwood Coast from Arcata to Ferndale. Racers compete for glory in a variety of people-powered kinetic contraptions, pedaling along roads, the beach… even through the Humboldt Bay! The Kinetic Grand Championship is held every year on Memorial Day Weekend. This quirky event is known as the world’s first art triathlon, including a 42-mile bicycle race over land, sand, mud and water.

Day 1 kicks off at noon on the Arcata Plaza, where spectators can arrive early to be greeted by the reigning “Rutabaga Queen” – the recent winner of a Humboldt County beauty pageant enlisted to oversee race activities. Additionally, visitors can observe the intricate details of each creation up close, many of which are engineered to hold between 4 and 20 passengers. The racers take off to the Manila dunes, where they race through miles of sand to the great and inevitable “Deadman’s Drop”. Those who make it through this grueling task eventually adjourn to Eureka’s Old Town gazebo. Day 2 of the Kinetic Grand Championship starts in Eureka at the waterfront on the Humboldt Bay, where brave Kinetic Pilots race their crafts through the water, while those lacking perfect engineering end up floating. Then back on land, the kinetic sculptures go up Hookton Hill, a 1 mile-7% incline and decline. Day 2 ends with a private campout for racers and volunteers. Day 3 of the Kinetic Grand Championship starts from the mouth of the Eel River, through Morgan slough and onto dry land. Racers cross the finish line on Ferndale’s historic Mainstreet, where racers park and head up to the Final Awards Dinner at Ferndale’s Fireman’s Hall. Here the champions are crowned by the Rutabaga Queen and gain the glory of winning one of the most challenging and unique competitions held worldwide!

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