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Humboldt Bay Oyster Fest

Every year in June, the Humboldt Bay Oyster Fest draws around 10,000 people to Arcata in the month of June. This June 17th, oyster lovers will come from near and far to taste raw and barbecued oyster creations from dozens of local chefs, restaurants and vendors. Come sample an amazing array of oysters and non-oyster dishes. The Oyster Festival features food, live music, a kids’ area, vendors of all kinds, and award-winning microbrews and wine.

Humboldt Bay Oyster Fest has become a tradition for local restaurateurs, executive chefs, and caterers to show off their culinary skills by preparing oysters in every imaginable way. Attendees can choose to try them roasted, barbecued, fried, with a secret sauce, or just plain raw with a hint of garlic and lime! However your taste buds desire this oceanic delicacy, you are sure to find it on the Arcata Plaza. Most festival vendors are chefs from Humboldt County’s most appreciated restaurants. Each year festival chefs compete in the annual oyster tasting competition to claim the auspicious award of ‘Best Oyster of the Festival’.

Over 70% of the fresh oysters consumed in California are grown in 450 acres of Humboldt Bay where conditions are ideal. Currently there are five companies raising both Pacific Oysters and Kumamoto oysters for export and the restaurant trade. On average, it takes 18 months from “seed” oyster to harvest. June is a peak month for these little gems of the sea, which are now farmed in bags tethered to posts in the Arcata Bay. This ensures that no harmful dredging of the bay is necessary for their capture, helping the cities of Arcata and Eureka to maintain the high quality of water in the bay.

Just 15 minutes away from Arcata Plaza, the Carter House Inns & Restaurant 301 is the perfect place for oyster lovers to stay and dine after a day of culinary inspiration. Guests of the Carter House Inns can even dine at our Restaurant 301 for more fresh seafood specials and oysters, making it the perfect stop for oyster fans!