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Carter House

Grande Suites

Our 2-bedroom suites offer a spacious and unique experience, with views of local Victorian architecture and…

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Unique room experience within a beautiful Victorian home with cozy sitting areas and access to a…

Carter House

The cornerstone of our property features 5 bedrooms, an open parlor & full kitchen.

The Carter House is where our story at Carter House Inns began. As an ambitious young builder, our owner, Mark Carter, set out to recreate a San Francisco mansion designed by the Newsom Brothers. As the original Murphy House had been lost to the fire and earthquake of 1906, the Carter House now stands as a unique Victorian creation that pairs rich history with modern touch.

While the Carter House started as the family home for Carters, it quickly transitioned into a bed and breakfast and eventually spurred the inclusion of three more buildings near the intersection of 3rd Street and L Street in Eureka, California. Today, the Carter House stands 4-stories tall and offers 5 accommodations: 3 Queen bedrooms and 2 larger Suites. Each of these offers a unique glimpse into the Victorian era, providing a great space for families and large groups.

The main floor of the Carter House is a parlor room, offering all guests beautiful views of Carson Mansion and the nearby harbor amongst two wood-burning fireplaces. Just downstairs sit 2 of our Queen bedrooms on the street level. Our Pheasant Room offers a private entrance off of L Street while the Striped Room provides a spacious downstairs room with a private hallway and seating area. Upstairs on the 3rd floor is where guests can find a kitchen available for use with lovely marina views as well as the house’s most romantic accommodation, the Library Suite. The Library Suite has 2 bedrooms, featuring 1 King bed with a wood-burning fireplace as well as 1 Double bed in the second room. This suite has a separate private bathroom featuring a Jacuzzi Tub and separate shower. Upstairs on our 4th floor is where guests will find another Queen bedroom, the Blue Room which has a unique half-window as well as a private bathroom with marina views at the end of the hallway. Also on the 4th floor is our Family Suite, a 2-bedroom suite with 1 King bedroom and 1 Double bedroom. These rooms are connected by a hallway to a private bathroom with street views.

Those staying in the Carter House are able to join us at our bar in the Hotel Carter for a complimentary glass of wine starting at 4 pm as well as a hot breakfast served in Restaurant 301 between 7:30 and 10 am. Each day in our lobby we have hors d’oeuvres from 4 to 5 pm in addition to tea & cookies at 8 pm by the fire.